Positive VC investing ($+)

Technological progress is neither bad nor good. We humans get to decide what we use it for (for now at least 🤖).

However, we face pressing realities in our choices:

  1. The current generation is the last one that can act to stabilize global warming to a “safe” temperature rise
  2. The closest potentially habitable planet (Proxima B) is estimated to be at 4.2 billion light-years away from Earth🤔
  3. We ended-up with reality 1. as collateral damage to our global economic system (this year Nobel prize winners in Economics stress this).
  4. Market forces are the most powerful ones shaping modern society.


Providing venture capital to companies that leverage technology to solve the most pressing environmental and social problems while generating financial returns is an obvious way of making choices according to these pressing realities. It is positive VC investing($+).

Where do we create positive wealth?

  1. Agri/Foodtech
    Produce 50% more and better food by 2050 to sustain population growth without damaging the production capabilities on Earth (water, soil, biodiversity)
  2. Greentech
    Produce carbon-neutral energy systems, transportation systems, construction methods, supply chains, and increase carbon storage capabilities
  3. Fintech
    Build truly resilient financial systems, globally accessible to everyone
  4. Socialtech
    Build human-centered health, education and social systems that offer consumer-grade quality for a fraction of today’s systems costs
  5. Frontier tech
    Accelerate our technical capabilities to connect bits and atoms by designing open platforms to enable compounding progress in sectors 1. to 4.

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I am looking to support (with network, access to capital and hands-on feedback) mission-driven and ambitious entrepreneurs who are going after the world's most pressing problems.

You can reach out (telling me why and what you do)via pm on Twitter at Julien Pache or via Linkedin https://www.linkedin.com/in/julienpache/