We know about climate change’s undeniable reality. We assume it can lead to a civilization collapse. Yet, we still fail to come up with the required precautions. …

One thing for sure

We are living moments that most of us will remember as a time of profound uncertainty. Each day comes with new narratives on the Covid-19 pandemic. They are expressed in curves and numbers. …

The rise of the machines in finance has long taken place. So-called quantitative funds increased their assets under management to almost USD 1 trillion in 2018. They fiercely compete to develop the best systematic approach to trade assets based on patterns found in large amounts of data. Some VCs are excited about this idea — but how viable are such approaches really for venture investing?

Machines have only timidly reached venture capital territory due to the lack of fuel they require: large quantities of properly labeled data. In private markets, data is scarce and asymmetrically distributed among participants. Private companies don’t publish standardized data that algorithms can easily process.

Hence the decision which startups get…

Technological progress is neither bad nor good. We humans get to decide what we use it for (for now at least 🤖).

However, we face pressing realities in our choices:

  1. The current generation is the last one that can act to stabilize global warming to a “safe” temperature rise
  2. The…

Julien Pache

Zooming in and out. North star: simplicity.

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